Through the Forest Up

Location: Vazisubani, Kakheti, Georgia

Year: 2022 - ongoing

Status: 1st phase completed

The idea of the project was born during a routine walk around the grounds of Vazisubani Estate, while working on another commission. The estate territory, spanning on 45 hectares, contains an acacia forest, where a stream apparently flowed some time in the past. The dried streambed was formed as a natural path, which in some parts was walkable almost without effort, thus an idea was born to use the base to create a pathway cutting through the forest into the vineyard. The journey would allow guests to visit the vineyard, the main treasure of the chateau, but we decided to make the experience even more breathtaking by creating an elevated point to overlook the vine rows, Alazani Valley and the magnificent Caucasus Mountains behind them.

The idea of the tower was inspired by vineyard watchtowers - a common type of structures characteristic to the Kakheti region, which were used for guarding the vines, or even resting during labor. The tower is 15 meters in height and is engineered as a timber structure, using glulam beams and columns.

The pathway is intended to allow the visitors of the estate to take a walk through the forest, experiencing subtle shifts in the scenery - from compressed, cozy spaces to vast glades and eventually the vineyard. There are several stopping points along the path, where one can pause to lay in hammocks, sip some wine, have lunch or simply admire the nature. The culminating point of the pathway is the circular deck with a diameter of 10 meters, which can be a place for various activities like yoga, wedding party or a performance event. The structure is designed as a curving route, cutting through the acacia forest. The timber platform is supported by steel stilts and was planned in a way that it maneuvers its way with the least intervention in the natural landscape.