Stable in the Vineyard

Location: Vazisubani, Kakheti, Georgia

Year: 2023

Status: Ongoing

The project is one of the phases of implementing the master plan for Vazisubani Estate, with the intention to expand the activities in the chateau and offer its guests a possibility to enjoy horse-riding or horse tours around the area.

The site was selected carefully, firstly because of the obvious need to distance the stable from the main areas of the hotel and secondly, to direct guests' experience towards more uninhabited parts of the estate. The location allows visitors to approach and appreciate the building from two sides, which are equally important.

The terrain on the selected site was rather sloped - a characteristic which eventually defined the morphology of the building and the arrangement of the program. After leveling the surface, the manège creates a diaphragm, to which the main building is attached and its one-pitch roof is resting on, barely touching the ground level to allow natural light into the building without blocking the view. The building is engineered as a steel structure with brick and timber partitions, creating a semi-open, naturally ventilated space for housing the horses.