Roofing Memory

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Year: 2020

The project is located in Tbilisi, on one of the hills around the city, between new emerging development and the lake Lisi. The plot is sitting on the edge of the neighborhood, which is currently developing and the final face is not yet formed.

The client grew up in a country house, spending his childhood in close relationship with earth, wood and wine. After moving to the city and engaging in an urban lifestyle, those elements disappeared from his daily basis and became his distant memories. The project is an attempt to create a dialogue between two kinds of memories - the memories of our client, which we use as the main material for developing the arrangement and the dramaturgy of the project, and the local architectural memory, which we tried to represent with the typology, materiality and morphology of the house. A significant memory about the client’s life in the countryside was an almost non existent border between indoor and outdoor activities. This element became the main idea of the plan, which is developed as an ensemble with all the functional spaces gathered around a partially open courtyard.